Don’t Lose Sight of Vision Care Benefits

Glaucoma and the Workplace

May 06, 2022 Canadian Association of Optometrists
Don’t Lose Sight of Vision Care Benefits
Glaucoma and the Workplace
Show Notes

In this podcast Denise Balch from Connex is joined by Dr. Andre Stanberry, Clinic Director and an Associate Clinical Professor, University of Waterloo to discuss glaucoma.

Did you know that glaucoma affects individuals over 40, or that approximately 1,000,000 Canadians have glaucoma and roughly 50% are undiagnosed?

There are often no signs or symptoms of glaucoma until the disease has already progressed, which is why comprehensive eye exams are so important.

You’ll learn much more about glaucoma during this podcast including the risk factors, diagnostic tools, management, and treatment of glaucoma.

Don’t Lose Sight. Left undiagnosed and untreated, glaucoma can ultimately lead to blindness.

Don’t forget to register for our lunchtime webinar on June 2, 2022 - Vision Care and Eye Disease: Are You Covered?  Dr. Stanberry will join us once again. At this session he will explore glaucoma and other eye diseases that can impact your employees’ quality of life and ability to be fully productive at work.


Dr. Andre Stanberry is an optometrist and is the Clinic Director and an Associate Clinical Professor, University of Waterloo. Dr. Stanberry completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Western Ontario and subsequently, earned a Doctor of Optometry degree from the State University New York (SUNY) College of Optometry and completed a residency in Ocular Disease and Family Practice.

Dr. Stanberry was a faculty member at the SUNY College of Optometry, where he was involved in glaucoma care and hospital-based optometry. His research interests involve public health and eye diseases. He has written book chapters and has published in various peer-reviewed journals.

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